Ideal for private clients, individuals and small-businesses. IDtorney will become your multiple identities manager and recovery agent.

< Securing your base

🗹 pseudonimity and multiple online identities management via aliases

🗹 E2EE:Encrypted email usable with anyone 

🗹 Enterprise SSO via Google Cloud Identity

🗹 Passwordless with IDtorney, passwordless LastPass Business + Passkeys for the rest

Bonus gift: LastPass Family with 5 access

🗹 VPN for up to 6 devices

🗹 Second cellphone+SMS via mobile app

🗹 Secure encrypted messaging apps without cellphone registration needs (2 choices)

Single deployment retainer: USD 500$

Can be added Q4 2023

Products subscriptions:  

Attorney super-admin retainer: 

Extra services hourly rate: USD 125$

1/2 🗹  Your pseudonymous email ID, dedicated to cybersecurity & deployed via an end-to-end encrypted service, using IDtorney domains, with optional aliases available creating instant multiple online identities via Google Cloud Identity

Powered by Tutanota

2/2  🗹  Passwordless Identity Provider for your IDtorney email ID, with instant multi-factor authentication, PC/MAC endpoint passwordless access & sharing of MFA codes

Powered by Saaspass

1/3  🗹 Single Sign-On Dashboard for cloud apps + Enterprise "Login with Google", with advanced access management & audit

Powered by Google Cloud Identity

2/3  🗹 Enterprise Password Manager with recovery and security policies administered by IDtorney. Platform agnostic with passwordless login + Gift: 5 more LastPass Family accesses

Powered by LASTPASS Business & Authenticator

3/3  🗹 Encrypted Internet connection via VPN for up to 6 devices concommitantly

Powered by NordVPN

1/2 🗹 Mobile only privacy platform with second cellphone number,  SMS &  30 mins, encrypted chat, encrypted email and private no log browsing, 

Powered by MYSUDO

2/2 🗹 Encrypted messaging, on mobile or desktop, without ID or cellphone needed for registration

Powered by THREEMA personal edition.

BONUS SAVINGS: for outright purchases of hardware (Canada shipping only) and other cloud products we offer:

Preferred pricing "cost-plus 8%" structure (where cost=wholesale price+shipping) on more than 30k hardware products available from 10% off our MSRP gross margins on thousands of other cloud products (ex: MS, Docusign, Box, etc.) available from IDtorney Tech Inc., partners & distributors.


Ideal for individuals wanting hands-on very personnalized service or corporations needing to enhance their existing cybersecurity posture, while keeping their users happy. 

< Everything stronger 

Includes everything in CASTLE plus:   

🗹 E2EE: encrypted sharable storage , 1TB, 365 days auto-backup, private by design.

🗹 E2EE: Encrypted emails & 100GB attachments on Outlook and Gmail

🗹 Passwordless advanced protection + MFA  with redundant Yubikeys/Fido U2F

🗹 E2EE: Secrets manager in Google Cloud

🗹 Mobile device: 2nd secure profile respecting the privacy of your personal phone 

🗹 Secure groups encrypted messaging

Group deployment retainer: USD 2250$ per increment of up to 5 users. 

Includes everything in CASTLE plus:   

Products subscriptions: premium 

Attorney super-admin retainer: 

Extra services hourly rate: USD 150$

1/3 🗹 End-to-end encrypted drive storage in Canada (starting 1TB) with 365 days archiving (that notably makes you ransomware resistant), seamless team sharing and highly compliant with privacy laws 

Powered by  

2/3 🗹 Encrypted large attachments for up to 100GB in MS Outlook & GMAIL (via extension) plus your own dedicated workspace and webpage to receive encrypted files from anyone, anywhere

Powered by SendSafely

3/3 🗹 (upgraded) Encrypted messaging without cellphones needed for registrations with centralized MDM console, centralized recovery management and broadcast capabilities.


1/1 🗹 Dedicated Cloud Secret Manager access, valid for highly secure storage of secrets, whether private or accessible via API

Powered by Google Secret Manager

1/2 🗹 Mobile devices + endpoint management, a customized hosted setup with an advanced security dashboard and controls for access management & audit

Powered by Google Cloud Identity Premium

2/2 🗹 Secure DNS filtering & better protection without corporate perimeter. Ainternet access for cloud apps.  a hosted cloud delivered security service for your devices. 

Powered by Cisco Umbrella

BONUS SAVINGS: (upgraded)

Preferred pricing of "cost-plus 6%"  instead of 8% on hardware. 20% off our cloud products MSRP gross margins


Everything custom incorporated into your infrastructure, ensuring a journey and deployment plan according to your needs, business schedule and tolerance for change. 

< Everything custom 

Includes, but not limited to, a focus on advanced needs for:

🗹 Encryption, yet everything with audit trail.

🗹 MFA & SSO with MS Entra ID compatibility

🗹 Group & shared MFA/OTP collaboration

🗹 Ultra secure desktops, notably via Chrome OS, Yubikeys and Windows app compatibility

Typically, a custom project with the following indicative guidelines: 

Minimum initial retainer: USD 5000$

Services and Products subscriptions: fully customized to your needs.

Attorney super-admin retainer: 

Hourly rate: Negotiable per your needs

Our most advanced Identity & Secrets Management  consulting & products bundle

This is the usecase where nothing is off the table.

We will look at anything you currently use, notably MS Entra ID (aka Azure Active Directory).

We'll find synergies, redundancies , enhancements and propose strenghtening your cybersecurity posture while harvesting any savings possible along the way. Our goal is to make your Identity, credentials, cybersecurity and agility futureproof. 

While keeping in mind the goals are only achieved if there is an increase in value to your users while empirically demonstrating the simplicity and resiliency of the entire setup. 

Our ideas are creative and forward-looking. You'll tell us where to stop. 

... And once we deployed for you, for your own compliance and written operating procedures, we'll offer to create: 

1/1 🗹 Dedicated private intranet for training flowcharts and reference, customized to your own setup with IDtorney and available on a private URL linked exclusively protected by your Google Cloud Identity.

Powered by Google Cloud Identity

BONUS SAVINGS: (further upgraded)

Preferred pricing "cost-plus negotiable %" 

We'll price it where you find tangible value and savings versus your current spending for cloud apps or hardware.