Cybersecurity is HARD

A new identity for cybersecurity?

Stopping the passwords madness?

Enterprise grade cybersecurity? For everyone?

Perennial digital secrets done right?

Dealing with it? ...shouldn't be

Solving the Digital Identity / hacking / password madness remains too complex. The interlocking of humans surrounded by tech needs a level playing field.

What if the best cybersecurity protocols were layered with the protections offered by the legal profession, protections that have proven effective since ancient Greece ?

Why can't you just entrust it all to attorneys knowledgeable in cybersecurity?

Here > you can.

Tasking us with the creation of a Secure ID dedicated to your cybersecurity & hosted by IDtorney

> That's rightfully what you should want first from us


A new secure email ID on Tutanota and SendSafely for the rest of your existing emails.

Really secure instant messages and voice calls with Threema.

Using a new Secure ID always issued by an Attorney.


Yubikey Security Keys and Google Advanced Protection Program on their Enterprise Cloud Identity Premium setup.

Easy training. On-boarding feels like your first smartphone experience.


Triple redundancy for efficient passwordless synergies between LastPass, Saaspass & Google single sign-on dashboard.

Always hosted with security leaders.

> Then, rightfully expect achieving actionable protections in days, not weeks... and not like a distant dream.

Our success metric? Knowing you can always leave us but won't want to because we proved pragmatic at making your digital future enjoyable

and trusted.

> while pushing outside the usual comfort zones* <

*Thanks Andre, inspiring quote!

Being trustworthy is already our job definition.

Your Digital Citizenship > no longer has to be a lonely sport

@IDtorney ecosystem.

Let us deploy the best tech-tools

> from 3rd-parties we picked to evolve your digital life.

That's how you benefit

> from attorney-hosted solutions and leverage "attorney-client privilege" in the digital realm.

We help you protect digital Trade Secrets*

> a legal concept encompassing all your online accesses, private keys & passwords.

*Trade Secrets: valuable information that must be actively protected using all possible measures to ensure it remains a secret. It may only hold its value if kept confidential and away from the public. Any unauthorized disclosure could cause serious harm to the secret holder.

Enthusiasts welcome.

Our solutions typically meet immediate needs of:

> High-value targets* for hackers.


> Corporate executives tackling their cyber-liabilities.


> Anyone wanting as much protection as possible for their own well-being.

* High value targets: usually includes public figures, journalists, celebrities, family offices & professionals with privilege information.


Quite possibly... the world’s most advanced Attorney-assisted hosting service of

> Secure Digital IDs & passwordless logins.

> Digital secrets rightfully protected as "Trade secrets".






"Turnkey" delivery of optimally aggregated security products, hosted and administered holistically for ALL client's benefit.

  • No on-boarding headaches, no loneliness after launch.

  • Own your data & privacy.

  • Own your encryption keys.

  • Experience passwordless tools you can believe in.

  • A pragmatic view of how to work better in the cloud remotely.

  • An enterprise-grade logistic for deployment at scale yet enjoyable at an individual and human scale.

> An attorney-hosted digital identity dedicated to safety, including confusion-free aggregation of currently 10 products from established players.

But above all, rest easy:

  • your secrets and their recovery are now secured with an attorney affiliated with IDtorney.

> And later, only when you're ready:

  • Even claim your own Blockchain based subdomain on "[you].IDtorney.ID" powered by Blockstack.

  • And a Portable DNS-based Digital ID4ME.

  • Or the promising Digi-ID Blockchain Open Auth.

Digital Citizenship Gatekeepers: that's how we are your sidekick.