Cybersecurity is HARD

A new identity for cybersecurity? Attorney-issued?

Planned rightfully & executed beautifully?

A safely compartmentalized cloud workspace with single sign-on?

Stopping the passwords madness and mobile friendly?

Enterprise grade infrastructure? Yet accessible to everyone?

Perennial digital secrets management, done right?

Here > it's yes to all.

Dealing with it? ...shouldn't be

Solving the Digital Identity / hacking / password madness remains too complex. The interlocking of humans surrounded by tech needs a level playing field.

What if the best cybersecurity protocols were layered with the protections offered by the legal profession, protections that have proven effective since ancient Greece ?

Why can't you just entrust it all to attorneys knowledgeable in cybersecurity?

Here > you can.

> Attorney-managed CyberSec sealed with professional secret.

We work with you to make new security behaviors work for you.


Quite possibly... the world’s most advanced Attorney-assisted managed service of

> Secure Digital IDs

with secured passwordless logins plus strong tools in an enterprise-grade suite, accessible to all, individuals and corporations alike.

> Our end-to-end encrypted products transform your online behaviors.

Powerful proficient users you will become... happily safe and without jargon.

> Digital secrets rightfully protected as "Trade secrets".

Your secrets only hold their value if you actively protect them.

> Do it with Attorneys whose job is already a legal enclave designed to assist you with protected confidentiality.

As cybersecurity becomes a portion of humans right to safety, we level the playing-field of your accessibility to it.

> Being trustworthy is already our job definition.*

*A principle followed by all IDtorney affiliates and that further pragmatically applies to IDtorney LAW which is subject to the Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers, Act respecting the Barreau du Québec:
"WHEREAS the practice of the profession of lawyer is based on the following values and principles which a lawyer must take into consideration in all circumstances:
(5) loyalty to clients as well as protection of their legitimate interests and the confidentiality of information concerning them; [...](9) consideration for the social context within which the law evolves. "

Your Digital Citizenship > no longer has to be a lonely sport

@IDtorney ecosystem.

Enthusiasts welcome.

Our solutions typically meet immediate needs of:

> High-value targets* for hackers.


> Corporate executives tackling their cyber-liabilities.


> Anyone wanting as much protection as possible for their own well-being.

* High value targets: usually includes public figures, journalists, celebrities, family offices & professionals with privilege information.

Tasking us with the creation of a Secure ID dedicated to your cybersecurity & managed by IDtorney

> That's rightfully where 100% of our clients start their journey


Using a new & secure ID always issued by an Attorney, we ensure we can communicate with you while having achieved holistic end-to-end encryption. Communicate with systems from third-parties we picked and manage to evolve your digital life.


Easy training on the best tools. Foundations designed with tools from audited security leaders.

On-boarding feels like your first smartphone: unfamiliar at first, but enjoyable very fast.


Witness "passwordless" efficiencies everywhere, then appreciate trusting it everyday as it proves over and over its safety and cyber-resiliency.

Efficient login synergies with accesses redundancy achieving an enterprise-grade setup with:

  • Saaspass for Secure ID control 100% passwordless or easy/automated multi-factor authentication.

  • Security keys such as Yubikey for advanced protection everywhere possible.

Achieving these foundations opens up further potential:

  • Remote end-point controls

  • Digital transformation-ready workspaces

From this new baseline for your everyday digital life, SAFETY can emerge: you can now evolve with an attorney by your digital side.

  • IDtorney helps you protect creativity's worth and value otherwise impossible to envision if easily hacked.

  • IDtorney helps you protect what has value: because if you don't know how to protect a secret, you can't ensure its value.

Let IDtorney help you manage your sensitive digital secrets.

> Rightfully expect achieving actionable protections in days, not weeks

... and especially not like a distant moving target.


> "Turnkey" delivery of optimally aggregated security products, managed and administered holistically for ALL client's benefit.

> The baseline configuration includes confusion-free on-boarding with up to 10 products from established players.

> Training and support is always available. You decide how much you need or want.

  • No on-boarding headaches, no loneliness after launch, yet you still own your privacy.

  • Experience how seamless it is to use end-to-end encrypted products.

  • Experience passwordless tools you can believe in with a pragmatic view of how to work better in the cloud remotely.

  • An enterprise-grade logistic for deployment at scale yet enjoyable at an individual and human scale.

Our success metric? Knowing you can always leave us but won't want to because we proved pragmatic at making your digital future enjoyable

and trusted.

> while pushing outside the usual comfort zones* <

*Thanks Andre, inspiring quote!





Let us deploy the best tech-tools

> from 3rd-parties we picked to evolve your digital life.

That's how you benefit

> from attorney-hosted solutions and leverage "attorney-client privilege" in the digital realm.

We help you protect digital Trade Secrets*

> a legal concept encompassing all your online accesses, private keys & passwords.

*Trade Secrets: valuable information that must be actively protected using all possible measures to ensure it remains a secret. It may only hold its value if kept confidential and away from the public. Any unauthorized disclosure could cause serious harm to the secret holder.

> Wherever you are in your digital journey, we will be by your side, tweaking, monitoring and enhancing. It's our mission.

> And later, only when you're ready, we'll help you explore the blockchain world as it is now, yet always evolving:

  • Helping you create your two first crypto-wallet: a hot and a cold one

  • Securing your Master Seeds with IDtorney Secrets Manager

  • Choosing a crypto exchange to perform staking of selected assets

  • Keeping you informed on the latest trends, from Yield Farming caveats to the best dApps.

> There are even promising solutions to experiment with on the horizon:

  • Blockchain storage, less expensive and well encrypted, such as with Storj or SIA.

  • Even claim your own Blockchain based subdomain on "[you].IDtorney.ID" powered by to discover dApps productivity that you can experiment with easily

  • Or even experiment with self-sovereign identity, such as with the promising Digi-ID Blockchain Open Auth protocol.

Digital Citizenship Gatekeepers: that's how we are your sidekick.