Securing Digital Secrets is HARD

Here > We work with you to make new cybersecurity behaviors work for you

Dealing with it? ...shouldn't be

Your Digital Citizenship > no longer has to be a lonely sport

For you > Attorney-managed CyberSec tools sealed with professional secret.

Here > You can entrust part of your Cybersec burden with Attorneys ready to partner with you

We are Attorneys that can directly manage the IT tools we offer for your cybersecurity.

Our statement is clear:

Getting involved with the setup of your credentials secrets and remaining involved with your tools to manage them is our path to actually help you move the needle on your cybersecurity liabilities.

Probably not the typical involvement you'd come to expect of your attorney. Yet it may just be the right forward looking vision you needed.

> IDtorney is here to novate expectations

Solving the weak credentials / hacking / password madness remains too complex The interlocking of humans surrounded by tech needs a level playing field

> Being trustworthy is already our job definition.*

*A principle followed by all IDtorney affiliates and that further pragmatically applies to IDtorney LAW which is subject to the Code of Professional Conduct of Lawyers, Act respecting the Barreau du Québec:
"WHEREAS the practice of the profession of lawyer is based on the following values and principles which a lawyer must take into consideration in all circumstances:
(5) loyalty to clients as well as protection of their legitimate interests and the confidentiality of information concerning them; [...](9) consideration for the social context within which the law evolves. "

IDtorney Group is currently made of three affiliates: 1) IDtorney LAW, a regulated law practice, 2) IDtorney Tech inc, a MSSP (managed security service provider) and 3) IDtorney Capital LP for the fintech innovation ventures.

Any client's journey typically starts with the legal division identity and encryption setup. Products are then subscribed via the MSSP. The fintech arm is in charge of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and the synergistic management of their secrets with the law division.

Let Attorneys knowledgeable in cybersecurity and competent to keep-up actually deploy and host from inception of the right protocols that actually move you ahead on your security curve.


A secure digital life is a legitimate need, yet the goalposts keep moving. Everyone is mostly left alone managing their IT secrets as best they can.


What if the best cybersecurity protocols were layered with the professional secret offered by the legal profession & their protections that have proven effective since ancient Greece?


A suite of cutting-edge IT security tools [currently more than 15] entrusted and enhanced by deployment under Attorney-Client privileges. Thereby achieving a credible framework for perennial digital secrets management.

Here > you can stop going it alone.

We make you structurally sound to manage all your secrets, existing, future or inherited.

@IDtorney: ecosystem since 2019:

15+ cloud cybersecurity products

10 client portals for transparent dealings and communications.

@TECHtorney: IT store since 2021

More than 25,000 physical IT products offered from >500 brands and always fulfilled from Canada.

YOU = logging-in + communicating + storing data & secrets + using devices

YOU+US = Passwordless + Encrypted End-to-end + better secured devices

(and later, when you're ready, we get you into blockchains as well)

@IDtorney and @TECHtorney

Nothing can substitute choice.

Enthusiasts welcome.

Our solutions typically meet immediate needs of:

> High-value targets* for hackers.


> Corporate executives tackling their cyber-liabilities.


> Anyone wanting as much protection as possible for their own well-being.

* High value targets: usually includes public figures, journalists, celebrities, family offices & professionals with privilege information.


Quite possibly... the world’s most advanced Attorney-assisted managed service of

> Secure Digital IDs

with secured passwordless logins plus strong tools in an enterprise-grade suite, accessible to all, individuals and corporations alike.

> Our end-to-end encrypted products transform your online behaviors.

Powerful proficient users you will become... happily safe and without jargon.

> Digital secrets rightfully protected as "Trade secrets".

Your secrets only hold their value if you actively protect them.

> Do it with Attorneys whose job is already a legal enclave designed to assist you with protected confidentiality.

As cybersecurity becomes a portion of human's right to safety, we level the playing field of your access to it.

Our strengths: like Chefs in gastronomy restaurants, we create ready to enjoy delights with exquisite ingredients we didn't grow

Our field is just different:

Private CyberSec Management with an Attorney as your sidekick

The added-value;

  • We don't own any software code and remain agile to adapt to better tech when new solutions arise

  • Critical loss recovery is always planned uptstream with Attorney's Secret protections and time capsules

  • Encryption keys aren't owned by 3rd parties, your data is yours.





> Wherever you are in your digital journey, we will be by your side, tweaking, monitoring and enhancing.

It's our mission.

Tasking us with the creation of a Secure ID dedicated to your cybersecurity & managed by IDtorney

> That's rightfully where 100% of our clients start their journey

Digital Secrets Gatekeepers: that's how we are your sidekick.

> And later, but only when you're ready, we'll help you explore the world of blockchains and its "useful now" cases.

  • Helping you create your two first crypto-wallet: a hot and a cold one

  • Securing your Master Seeds with IDtorney Secrets Manager

  • Choosing a crypto exchange to perform staking of selected assets

  • Helping you make money with your cryptos by keeping tabs on the cheapest funding venues, most promising staking ventures, interest offerings, while keeping an eye on the counterparty risks.