Digital Trust Fiduciary

Cyber-IDentity security with Attorney-led solutions


Attorney-client privilege fortified with cybersecurity skills

We build credentials with unshakeable trust

In techno speak we provide an INTEGRATED IDENTITY PLATFORM (IIP) under Attorney controlled Managed Service Accounts


In the identities labyrinth, we secure your online presence & bridge governance gaps

--> Multiple Digital Identities management

Pseudonymous, your prerogative, created by us 

--> Reusable Identities & Digital Signatures

 Single Sign-On, Yubikeys & MFA,  OIDC & Passkeys

--> Verified Credentials: remotely notarized by an Attorney 

Private notarized information that belongs to you

--> Reusable Credentials (once verified)

   Digitally reusable & revocable credentials under your contro

TL;DR version

The gist, GPT style.

IDtorney Law, with its affiliate MSP IDtorney Tech Inc., is offering Attorney-led digital shield services, focusing on cybersecurity and identity management. 

We provide an integrated identity platforms under attorney-managed service accounts, blending law and technology. Services include credentials validation, online identities creation, private cybersecurity management, digital signatures, and credentials traceability. 

IDtorney, with its regulated professionals involved in cybersecurity, offers to manage digital secrets, ensuring privacy and control over online identities and credentials, all bound by professional confidentiality. 

IDtorney emphasizes the role of legal professionals in digital safety and identity governance. 


As Attorney, we assume the role of your digital fiduciary. You need trustworthy regulated professionals, such as lawyers,  who can help you manage your digital secrets. 

That's exactly where we are: at the intersection of law and technology:  

1) Credentials validation and multi-faceted online identities creation

2) Private cybersecurity management

3) Digital signatures, traceability and revocability of credentials. Transparency ensures clarity & accountability. 


We are taking a stand, investing in uncommon roles with a vision of the  future where identities and credentials can remain a private matter

--> Pseudonimity and your IDs are under your control

--> Credentials are under your prerogative

--> Everything bound by professional confidentiality 




Digital Secrets and Online Identities 

We'll be by your side every step of the way

Saving you from the Four Stage Strategy! 

Multiple accounts management

Personal vs. Work vs. the Rest. We understand the segmentation+ governance + simplicity you need 

Passwordless & single sign-on 

With our tools, you will be, as far as feasibly possible

Unique passwords everywhere

It's the only way + with Passkeys help, we'll get you there

Encrypted communications tools

Privacy is a right, we'll make sure you have it available everywhere

Attorney secured ID Governance

Rest easy, we are the gatekeepers: we plan contingencies, automate where we can, ensure fluidity and audit for you. 

Verified Credentials:

> verified once

> reused many times

COMING SOON (2024 Q3)  

Attorney managed & a holistic    Trusted Credentials "source of truth" using Microsoft ENTRA Security, enterprise grade with the scale to ensure lasting trust

Digitalized Credentials:  once verified by an Attorney = Reusable Verified IDs

Following the PCTF from and build on MSFT Entra suite

Your credentials: verified ONCE by an Attorney, and updated only as needed, typically leveraging Remote Online Notarization regulations to digitally sign their validity: 

> Up to 200 datapoints can become Verified Credentials, digitally signed legal information under your control, discretionary use, automated logging so you keep track and entirely revokable at will. You may use with parties of your choice (service providers, employers, online). Ex:  

Ex: birthdate, birthplace, citizenship, degrees

Ex: current address, marital status, fiscal residency

Ex: Bank accounts, Insurance policies, Brokers

Ex: for employment, retirement, social benefits

IDtorney's venture as your Trusted Registry of Digital Credentials is our commitment to turn future visions into today's trusted realities


> Shape the Future of Your Digital Safety

> Be the Trusted Registry of your vital information

> Digitally cutting-edge as regulated legal professionals


Your lawyer + cybersecurity tech skills = 

Beyond typical cyber defence measures


How we think, how we approach things. Detailed videos to come, here's just a teaser

Our mission is clear

Getting involved with the setup of your credentials and remaining involved long-term with the tools to manage your digital estate is how we build your trust 

> We won't hesitate to do the right thing to become a reliable and responsible copilot you can look up to for guidance.  

Probably not the typical involvement you'd come to expect of your attorney. Yet it may just be the right forward-looking vision you needed. 

> IDtorney is here to novate expectations


When AI needs an identity to be transactional in your name

IDtorney'commitment is already forward-looking: we'll help you navigate the new fields of Signed Credentials & Endorsed AI acting on your behalf via digital signature and revocable/ephemeral authorizations on-demand

--> Machines, Robots and AI Identities as your mandatories

API Secret Keys Management, Ephemeral Access,  Quantum-Safe Encryption and Secrets Rotation

You shape your future:  if you have liabilities, you have control, not the other way around

We'll ensure the Digitally Signed Credentials we proxy for you are powerful enough to protect your reputation, compartmentalize your accountability and ensure AI can respect the accuracy of your decisions and choices


Quite possibly... the world’s most advanced Attorney-assisted managed service of Credentials and Identities Governance 

The interlocking of humans surrounded by ever more pervasive tech needs a level playing field

The legal profession, lawyers and attorneys especially, can use their legal proficiency in a digital context to achieve a future that isn't dystopian but rather one you'll happily embrace

Strong institutions need to show up and stand up. We know we will.