We speak single sign-on, both zeroes (trust & knowledge) and encrypted communications

Passwordless productivity deployed in days without disrupting everything?

Potentially orchestrating up to 15 products from many SOC2 & ISO 27001 partners?

.... yes, we speak that too!

Enterprise safe productivity everywhere, notably via the Chrome browser you know.

Here > We work with you to make new cybersecurity behaviors work for you.

Solving the weak credentials / hacking / password madness remains too complex The interlocking of humans surrounded by tech needs a level playing field

We practice the BEYONDCORP.COM approach.

Enthusiasts welcome.

> Entirely Passwordless single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that's frictionless.


> End-to-end encrypted communications, chat, email, encrypted web portals for clients & super private encrypted email, remote wipe for border-crossing security, we have it all.


> Chrome browsers & Android secure config including auto-wipe, additional endpoint security with Chrome OS and the most advanced features from Google Cloud Identity Premium and Google Advanced Security Program with Yubikey, we do that too!

Our success metric? Knowing you can always leave us but won't want to because we proved pragmatic at making your digital future enjoyable

and trusted.

> while pushing outside the usual comfort zones* <

*Thanks Andre Agassi, inspiring quote!


Our strengths: like Chefs in gastronomy restaurants, we create ready to enjoy delights with exquisite ingredients we didn't grow

Our field is just different:

Private CyberSec Management with the added option of hiring an Attorney as your limited-scope superadmin IT sidekick

The added-value;

  • We don't own any software code and remaing clolud provider agnostic. We sidestep single provide dependency so many suppliers try to push and remain agile to adapt to better tech when new and better solutions arise

  • Critical loss recovery is always planned uptstream with Attorney's that can act as the superadmin of key secrets recovery

  • Encryption keys aren't owned by 3rd parties, wherever possible, your data is yours, or its protected by the appropriate either ZERO-TRUST or ZERO-KNOWLEDGE protocols. We are strong supporters of the Beyondcorp.com approach.

IDtorney LAW can further intervene as super-admin Attorneys that can directly help recover your trade/digital secrets entrusted in hosted IT tools, all under "client-attorney" privilege.

Our statement is clear:

Getting involved with the setup of your credentials secrets and remaining involved with your tools to manage them is our path to actually help you move the needle on your cybersecurity liabilities.

Probably not the typical involvement you'd come to expect of your attorney. Yet it may just be the right forward looking vision you needed.

> IDtorney is here to novate expectations

> And later, but only when you're ready, we'll help you explore the world of blockchains and its "useful now" cases.

  • Helping you create your two first crypto-wallet: a hot and a cold one

  • Securing your Master Seeds with IDtorney Secrets Manager

  • Choosing a crypto exchange to perform staking of selected assets

  • Helping you make money with your cryptos by keeping tabs on the cheapest funding venues, most promising staking ventures, interest offerings, while keeping an eye on the counterparty risks.