Rent ALL-IN secured "BeyondCorp" enterprise inspired workspace

If you need a turn-key secure environment for a specific team, project or joint venture WITHOUT NEEDING to give away any accesses to your own network while having a deployment that follows many guidelines of the BEYONDCORP framework

and no "bring your own hardware" security headache

ONE SINGLE RENT PRICE: USD 999$ per user per month.

3 months minimum, hardware included during rental period.

one-time USD deployment charge starting 450$

(Support included, training: 200$ per hour)

Secure login dashboards, single sign-on and passwords you don't need to remember

E2EE Videoconferencing, Voice, Messaging, Email, Calendar, large files transmission & portal for your clients to reach you safely

Tools to secure privileges' data and ensure their safety in the cloud and on devices

Cyber-Security scoping: relieving users from having to deal with passwords weaknesses. Enterprise tools following BeyondCorp framework.

Products currently in the solution mix: FIVE

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Cyber-Security scoping: easy user access to always available encryption, cloud-based and with near-zero metadata leakage

Products currently in the solution mix: FOUR

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Cyber-Security scoping: easy access yet privacy of users encrypted storage, including a secrets server solution for deep secrets (such as blockchain wallets seeds).

+ prepare devices accessing data from being an unacceptable source of risks.

Products currently in the solution mix: EIGHT

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> LOGINtorney, MAILtorney & SECRETtorney best tools for the job pre-configured.

Quickly provisioned on any available public domain of your choice or use an existing one available from the domain properties of IDtorney

  1. DUAL OS: Chrome Enterprise and Windows 10 on Parallels already included


  3. COLLABORATION: TAURIA ( for instant collaboration, storage, calendar & secure video-conference without metadata leaks)

  4. MFA: YUBIKEY on Google Advanced Protection deployment

  5. SINGLE SIGN-ON: configuration for up to 10 cloud services included.

> Hardware included

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook

  • updated in time as new models become available

Yubikey 5 (main) + Fido Security Key (backup)

  • Hardware is shipped pre-configured via Chrome Enterprise to any users of your choice.

> Extra available: Mobile phone with secure work environment and automated enterprise apps.

Prices vary, ballpark 150$ per device per user, service included.